Create Lifestyle and Livelihood Solutions Aligned to your Passion, Purpose and Love in Life

Get motivational stories and tips to help you stay in action towards manifesting your hearts desires

What we do

Provide guidance supporting you to connect to your source of creation.  Your place of passion, purpose and meaning.  To envision and bring into form lifestyles and livelihood solutions aligned with your unique creative expression.  Help you find solutions to move beyond the restrictions of your current reality.  And create a life aligned to your values, doing what you love.

It is a transformational journey and the information, tools, products, programs and guidance provided here are all designed to support you along the way.

I took the plunge and deviated from an externally defined path.  It made all the difference.  My life became a creative adventure that I choose, direct and navigate. I don’t always go where I think I am going as creation and adventures have a life of their own.  I do go where I am most alive.  I wish the same enlivening experience for you.

Ways to engage:


How much of your life is lost to procrastination? Join a facilitated journey of collaboration, idea generation and support to manifest your enterprise projects and life dreams. Gain support to stay motivated and in action towards achieving what you want.
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Enliven your life from the inside out.  Live by design and not by default.  Engage in this powerful online program leading you step by step through a transformational midlife makeover process. Recreate your life with passion and purpose.  Manifest what matters.

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Combining personal, professional and evolutionary development supporting you to connect to purpose, clear restrictive patterns, envision your future, map the territory and get into action towards your personally defined success.

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