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Employed or Entrepreneurial?

I’m wondering how many of you have faced or are facing the same kind of adjustment and shift that I have been navigating during my adult life? Namely of having been schooled in the idea that I prepare myself for employment, then get a job in someone else’s business, project, corporation or government department and that place of employment then supply my income in exchange for my labour and intelligence. The problem I faced was I hated being employed. It felt like a prison sentence. Autonomy, creativity and freedom are really important to me and without these qualities in my work life, I felt like I was dying inside. I wanted out. I felt all my entrepreneurial aspirations inside but I had not been schooled in how to make my way in the world of entrepreneuring.

I had to school myself for the world I wanted to inhabit of savvy, agile, entrepreneurial, micro enterprise business. After 26 years of teaching myself and others I consider there are 4 major components required for success in this exciting world.

1. Vision. Ideally a personally aligned and meaningful vision or something you are passionate about and really want to bring into being. This becomes the compass for the enterprise or business. When the vision is strong the navigation stays true to the vision.
2. Understanding the practises and principles of business such as: finances, strategy, marketing, branding and social media.
3. Networks. By that I mean the reach and diversity of your networks and the quality of your relationships within those networks.
4. Your consciousness. Not surprisingly this determines everything from what you are aware of, to how successful you can be, to how much money you
can make, how open you are to new learning, to how quickly you can adjust to what is required and to how resilient you are in the long run.
What I have also observed is that most people will tend to favour certain of these components but a balance of all is required. It is a very common understanding that to learn everything about practical tangible business practises is all that is required when in actual fact Entrepreneurial business success is both a personal and professional development journey of expanding consciousness.

I would love to hear comments on your experience in relation to these 4 components in your entrepreneurial start up journey.

How easy has it been to find a strong meaningful vision?
How crucial have your networks been? Do you know how to build them?
Is learning business practices doing it alone for you or can you sense there is more to it?
Do you feel like your consciousness is conditioned for employment rather than entrepreneuring?
Would you like to learn more about your consciousness and business?

Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.