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Midlife Makeover Online

Are you feeling stuck? In a rut? Tired of experiencing the same old, day after day, logo_rgb_A4_300dpi (2)
year after year?  Lacking energy, lacking flow? Wanting change but fearful of it?
Lacking clarity, lacking direction? Wondering what it is all for and where you are going?

MIDLIFE MAKEOVER is a nine week, online program leading you step by step through a transformational midlife makeover process, recreating your life with passion and purpose and manifesting what matters.

As humans we have a potential far greater than this collective earth story schools us in. Come join us on the next intake of MIDLIFE MAKEOVER ONLINE, starting 27th November 2015. Identify what’s really important and what’s really possible . . .

“I did the midlife makeover program and I was really amazed at how it gave valuable insight into my life patterns, and how it helped me to focus on finding my true purpose and direction through doing the workbooks, and listening to the audio tracks. The skype group sessions were also fun and supportive; everyone was so lovely and encouraging. I loved feeling like we were together in this journey of discovering our authentic selves. Thanks Lorraine for developing such a fantastic and engaging program.” Janina


  • Ignite your passion and purpose.
  • Move beyond your fears, doubts, obstacles and challenges.
  • Learn how to create your future and live into it.


Imagine what life can be like, living with a deeper connection to the essence of you. Imagine letting your heart sing and your soul dance… Together we mirror the truth for each other.  Within the collective we find the inspiration, motivation and courage to act.

For more information, program outline and sign up capability Click here to go to the Midlife Makeover Website


“I would absolutely and completely recommend this program to anyone, on any walk of life who has a Heart beat!!!! Midlife Makeover allows a level of personal honesty to overtake the distractions we so often call life! This is a program about alignment to your true nature and purpose… You deserve it.” Jenni


Midlife Makeover Online is a product of Creative Adventures Coaching and is facilitated by Lorraine Blackley

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