Create Lifestyle and Livelihood Solutions Aligned to your Passion, Purpose and Love in Life

Get motivational stories and tips to help you stay in action towards manifesting your hearts desires

Activate your Goals and Dreams

Individual mentoring that combines a unique blend of personal and professional development with metaphysical laws, supporting you to achieve your personally defined success. Connect to purpose, clear restrictive patterns, envision your future and get into action.

tunnel_circleDo you wish you had someone to champion and support you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams?  Family and friends don’t quite understand.  Do you want mentoring and support that is responsive to your needs and assists you to achieve whatever it is you want, albeit personal, professional, entrepreneurial, relationship, health or lifestyle aspirations.

Skype or face to face sessions available.  Sessions generally cover the following bases:

Session one:  Connect to purpose

Activate your blueprint of purpose within.  Find renewed clarity, motivation and courage.  Understand your unique talents and abilities and stimulate heart aligned ideas.

Session two:  Clear restrictive patterns

Unless we clear restrictive patterns our ideas never come to fruition.   We simply go around in the same old oscillating circles.   A second session allows you to examine these limiting beliefs, check their validity and form new and more enabling ways.

Session three:  Map the territory

A third session uses your imagination to create your ideal future and turn this future into actions that will bring your heart dreams and life goals to life.  Einstein said, “Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions”.

Session four:  Action and Support

I love to see you empowering yourself and I am there to support you with just enough and no more for you to hold your vision, move beyond the barriers, stay in action and bring your goals and dreams to fruition.

Sessions after the initial 4 are determined on an individual basis regarding the skill development and support you want and need.

You will receive mentoring and support that is customised and responsive in assisting you to reach your personally defined goals and take your life into a new level of grace and ease. Reclaim the inspiration and enthusiasm that will bring a return of enchantment to your everyday life.

Here is what Karen had to say after a one on one session:

“Wow, I feel immeasurably better after meeting with you Lorraine.  Thank you!  Things are much clearer for me.  I now have a practical system implemented so I know exactly where I’m at with my production schedule, and I am looking forward to meeting with you again with my range completed.”
Karen Balmer – Primrose, Lingerie, lounge leisure

How to begin

You can start with one session to see how you like it and if we are suited to working with each other.  For best results I recommend 4 sessions spaced weekly or fortnightly.  Hourly rate is $120 plus gst.

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For bookings, to tell me your situation or to request further information:

Contact Lorraine   Ph 027 2838796

The session with Lorraine had such an impact (challenging light bulb moment), that I feel like I’ve purposefully parked it to one side so I can think on it deeply.  Thank you Lorraine… you challenged some deep set resistance with such beautiful skill that I didn’t see it coming until it was too late for the ego to build barriers!  Im looking forward to our next session.
– Matt Smith Director/Producer AAA Records